What to Keep in Mind While Choosing A Marketing Automation Solution

With business strategies getting increasingly complex and demanding, generating quality sales leads, managing demand generation campaigns and evaluating marketing return on investment, can be highly challenging. According to the American Marketing Association, “Sales & Marketing need to be integrated in order to build customer relationships, enhance brand, capitalize on leads, improve market share and to boost revenue”. To successfully  respond to a rapidly altering setting and streamline marketing and sales functions, it is important for  businesses to implement marketing automation solutions.

Marketing automation facilitates business growth by effectively managing all activities involved in marketing and sales starting from generating qualified leads to converting them into customers. Helping marketing teams in the early stages of the sales funnel, marketing automation solutions exist to better nurture and qualify leads so that once a lead is converted into a sale, the person is more likely to be qualified, interested, and ready to consider the product in detail. It enables companies to systematically nurture and cultivate existing prospects, yielding more opportunities and a better return from marketing programs executed weeks and months earlier.

What to keep in mind while choosing a solution
Choosing the right on-demand marketing automation service provider for your company requires careful assessment. Opt for a solution that provides quantifiable results. The marketing automation solution must  contain outstanding lead generation and lead nurturing abilities. As the main objective of the solution is to ensure improved lead conversion rates,  make sure that the marketing automation solution that adheres to lead nurturing best practices to offer continuous on visitor objectives and actions.  While its best to steer clear of multiple systems for tracking leads, look for a solution that can offer successful means to facilitate email marketing and social media campaigns.

There is better efficiency in marketing due to more effective marketing spend and less demand for expensive campaigns designed to bring in net new prospects. As marketing automation systems also make it easier to track the true ROI of marketing programs, choose a marketing automation tool that is flexible and scalable and that integrate multiple CRM systems. Ensure that  your marketing and sales campaigns are customized, so opt for a solution that is buyer centric, and that can analyze and estimate significant ROI.

Automation solutions can enable marketing teams to improve efficiency by strengthening their promotions and campaigns with cost-effective, yet sophisticated tools. These solutions simplify processes and functions, and provide end-to-end support right from the planning stage through campaign execution and reporting.

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