Why Marketing Automation Services are Imperative to B2B Marketers

Today many new marketing automation services are available in the market for B2B marketers to target the right prospects. By automating the lead generation process B2B marketers can build a pipeline of qualified leads. Today, there are many lead generation services that enable marketers to track visitor intent in real time thereby shortening sales cycle & boosting sales revenue. Let us see how these services aid B2B marketers.

In B2B marketing, volume and velocity of the lead generation process determines the rate of lead conversion. Automated lead generation services and solutions can help marketers to convert online leads into sales opportunities by providing unmatched actionable lead intelligence.

Today, there are intelligent lead generation services that provide unprecedented marketing insights for B2B marketers. The process of lead generation, lead scoring and lead nurturing is optimized using lead business intelligence that is procured from tracking website visitor activities. This critical website visitor background information offers deep insight into their buying intent purchase stage as well.

Such marketingautomationservices offer marketing and sales teams with automated lead information and ready to use lead analytics that enables marketers to identify warm leads and accelerate sales conversion rate. Social collaboration is also possible using leadgenerationservices using which marketers can incorporate the advantages of social collaboration and “the wisdom of crowds” to run their marketing campaigns.

Marketing automation services today provide total marketing integration so that marketers can enjoy smooth integration with all the top CRM solutions, as well. Another important aspect addressed by marketing automation services is sales-marketing alignment. This issue is complex involving people, processes and the debate over quality versus quantity of leads poses a significant challenge as well. The perceived definition of “qualified leads” varies between both teams and there is considerable disagreement over the need for leadnurturing.

A robust marketing automation platform can pave the way for better alignment between marketing and sales. It efficiently prioritizes leads and shortens the sales cycle. It offers advanced capabilities to make collaboration between the two teams far easier. The following features of marketing automation services help to bridge the divide.

  • Tracking of visitor website behavior.
  • Measurement of visitor intent and interest levels.
  • Gain superior lead intelligence that can shorten the sales cycle.
  • Analytics that to help the two teams jointly identify the business opportunities to pursue.
  • Calculate lead scores using customized lead scoring algorithm, which both teams can collaborate on to define what makes a prospect “sales ready”.

Therefore, implementing one will be beneficial for B2B marketers.

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