Leveraging Marketing Automation Tools for Effective Use of Content

In B2B, content marketing is all about imparting knowledge to prospects so that it helps to support the company’s overall goals and objectives. Content marketing can be used to build the reputation of a company, deliver the required message in interesting fashion and most importantly, attract prospective clients to the company web page.

Content marketing is that aspect of marketing that can be leveraged to, first, build trust of the product or service being offered. Since most business deals are settled online, prospects look for secure transactions and trustworthy sites to do business. So, it is with useful and relevant content, that one can build a solid reputation for the company and its products or services.

B2B companies cater to products or services that will be used on large scale, such as software or machining products, etc. So, this means, their buyers are people who need reliable and good solutions for their problems. Content that is relevant and educating shows the prospect how well his problem area is addressed and how much benefit he will receive from it. This powerful messaging makes all the difference in B2B marketing.

Well written content can entice a prospect and enable the B2B marketing company to tackle his doubts as well. So, the next important aspect of content marketing is the ability to share content without being pushy. This can be done by highlighting the key features of the product and what specific problem area it addresses. Adding content on how existing customers have also benefited from the same feature helps to get the message across effectively.

Marketing automation tools can be used to increase the impact of well written content.  The software can be used in the following ways.

Lead Tracking
Marketing automation can be used to track leads who visit the website from URLs shared in content. Irrespective of their buying stages, it helps to identify website visitors, especially the anonymous ones. If the visitor source is the content that was shared in social media sites or external websites, then the marketer can assess the effectiveness of his content outreach program.

Lead Nurturing
By identifying anonymous visitors, marketers now have the opportunity to nurture (through email marketing) only those whom they are interested in and who they think will respond to their marketing efforts.

Score Leads
Leads can be scored based on their profiles as well.  The cumulative scores can be used as a baseline to nurture leads and add warm leads to the marketing funnel.

Combining the powers of marketing automation and content marketing can be an added advantage for B2B marketers.

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