Influence of Marketing Automation Tools on B2B Marketing

The sales and marketing connect is imperative for the success of any lead generation program. This connect ensures that there is a common understanding on lead stages and what strategy to use during these different lead stages.

Marketing automation solutions have always helped to bridge the divide and enhance the overall performances of the sales and marketing processes. This is because these solutions offer a collaborative process which helps in real-time communication between the marketing and sales departments.

Intelligent marketing automation tools can be used to enable sales and marketing teams to understand from each other’s insights and experiences. The inputs offered by sales teams can help in optimizing marketing campaigns. Marketing teams can in turn use these inputs to design personalized lead generation campaigns.

Additionally, these intelligent systems provide a common lead view that helps them to take action or decisions immediately, thereby eliminating lead-lag and generating higher conversion rates.

Automation solutions can aid marketers in lead scoring. These lead intent deducing solutions aid marketing teams to score leads based on the online visitor’s browsing behavior or on their demographic status. Marketers can design their own lead scoring model. This model can be structured to assess an individual’s or an enterprise’s behavior when many people from the same domain or company are repeatedly visiting the marketer’s website.

By assessing lead intent information, both teams can push only warm leads, which have the potential of being converted into prospects, into their marketing funnel. Another important advantage with marketing automation solution is the powerful analytics they offer. Data intelligence deduced through lead tracking provides deep insight into a website visitor’s buying process.

Lead intent information helps to ensure that the prospect is receiving only relevant emails (email marketing) thereby increasing the probability of emails being read, rather than trashed.  And greater the sales intelligenceacquired, the easier it is for the sales teams to create customized sales pitches as well.

In short, marketing automation tools help to manage prospect and customer databases (and email lists), track their (or a group’s) individual activity, and personalize the lead nurturing messaging as well. So, it goes beyond doubt that marketing teams can use the numerous capabilities offered by marketing automation solutions to determine what works and what doesn’t work in online B2B marketing.

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