Importance of Marketing Automation Software

Context is the crux when it comes to modern marketing. Today leading B2B marketers are aware that failing to address the apt people at the right time with the required data will inevitably lead to lower productivity and pose questions on a brand’s credibility. Despite this, there are many who do not apply the same thinking into action. According to a report by Fournaise Group, approximately 80 percent of the CEO’s do not trust their marketing team’s works. This is because the marketers often fail to report  in a language comprehensible to them.

 Irrespective of the  ever increasing click-through rates, Facebook likes, website hits and landing page conversion rates, most CEO’s place very less significance on anything that does not directly contribute to business growth and increased revenue. This is the reason why marketing automation acquired a greater dimension than being just a luxury for organizations having sufficient budgets to spend. The outcomes of a well organized marketing automation platform are incredible. Few include:

  • 25% of higher revenue plan attainment instead of non-automation users (Marketo)
  • Quicker growth than non-users (66% to 55%) (Lenskold Group)
  • 451% increase in lead generation (Aberdeen Group)
  • High marketing productivity of between 1.5 and 6.9 per cent and 1.6 to 6.4 per cent sales productivity (Nucleus Research)

The study conducted by Fournaise Group also indicated that 80 percent of the CEO’s are of opinion that marketers are disconnected from the financial aspects of a business, whilst 74 percent preferred their marketers to become 100 percent focused in ROI. However, it is interesting to note that according to eMarketer, a minimal 28 percent of B2B’s in reality evaluate ROI to calculate their marketing efficiency. Marketing automation software today is redoing this disconnect by making reporting simpler than ever. It helps the marketers to continue to evaluate aspects such as click through rates, social media and conversions for their own research and thereby offering the CEO’s with the kind of figures that is of significance.

Today service providers specializing lead generation solutions have introduced marketing automation software that helps companies to offer an easy and powerful use of the platform for managing the lead database. Incase you feel like consolidating all your leads from different  sources then the software makes it simple for you to view every lead that comes from your website, email campaigns, marketing campaign from fills, social media and also from the offline leads in a single dashboard. The software offers you actionable intelligence from enterprise data to decision maker contact data. Furthermore, companies also have the access to data regarding the buying intent that is offered from browsing behavior that makes it simple for you to act on your leads.

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