Engagement Tactics that Work


In B2B marketing, creating a brand image is vital for brand recall in the long run. To achieve this, marketers need to use smart engagement tactics to create a lasting impression in the minds of their prospects.

Customer testimonials and product implementation success stories go a long way in proving the product’s worth in B2B marketing. Putting up these testimonials on the home page enables higher viewership and creates the necessary curiosity to try out the product or service offering.

Content is a great way to create build brand name. Sharing content on social media is the best way to gain visibility to a large section of audience. From blog content to presentation content, every bit of content shared with your audience should be a takeaway for them.

Use a marketing automation platform that automatically creates links and shares them on the company’s various social media profiles. This way, marketers can auto-publish their blob posts and Tweets.

Company web page is the best place to engage an audience. This way, they needn’t maneuver much to find a specific piece of content or a product that they are interested in. Place social sharing buttons at the top of all of company blog posts to enable readers to share.

Marketing automation software can help track leads that have shown interest in the engagement activities executed by marketers. Using this tracked information about prospective leads marketers can contribute something insightful to them at an appropriate time.

Email engagement tactics can be used to send customized messages on offers or deals to new leads and existing customers. Email promotion is used for lead nurturing to provide timely information based on website behavior of leads. It also helps in customer re-conversion by providing them with offers during renewal or new subscriptions.

Corporate events are an equally important B2B engagement tactic. Tradeshows, conferences and marketing events can be leveraged to build customer-retention relationship and form new ones as well.

To earn the loyalty and respect of prospects and existing clients, B2B marketers need to implement a marketing automation platform that seamlessly scores sales leads, nurtures them through the sales pipeline and helps to measure their campaign’s return on investment, as well.

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