Blogs for B2B Lead Generation

B2B blogs can be used as a good source of leads. Here are some tips to help B2B marketers generate sales-ready leads through this inbound marketing strategy.
B2B blogs need to be updated often (at least once a week). Blogging with fresh content increases indexed pages and helps you top the search results as well.  Provide your blog a professional look with your company logo and a brief bio of the blogger. Blog topics must be written around popular SEO keywords in your industry. This increases the odds that your prospect will see your post when he’s actively searching the Internet.

Insert internal links of earlier posts and other resources such as white papers. Place external links wherever relevant because both help with rankings. Try to build inbound links. Research on other sites that links to sites like yours using Open Site Explorer and reach out to them and offer them a compelling reason for  lead generation .

Write blogs on new and trending topics. It gets picked up during searches. Use images with relevant captions using keywords. This is not just to break the monotony but because Google images picks it up during searches.

Place a powerful call to action button prominently along with every blog post offering your latest white paper or eBook for free. The accompanying form helps to capture your prospect’s background information.

Have a blog roll on your sidebar. Here, you can recommend others’ blogs and links. They might return the favour.

Promote the blog – As part of your social media campaigns, every time you put out a blog, promote it across social media. Download social sharing plug-ins such as Google+’s “+1”, LinkedIn’s “inShare” and Twitter’s “Tweet”. This makes it easy for people to share your content in just a click. Social sharing helps you climb search results post Google’s Penguin update.

Syndicate your blog content to blog syndication sites. These sites will simultaneously publish your every blog post for free, link to your original post and help you reach a wider audience. Seek out influential bloggers in your business. Mention them/ their posts in your posts. Influence them to promote your blog. Provide an RSS feed button on your blog so interested readers can read all your posts. Invite industry experts to be a guest bloggers on your blog. It can help drive traffic. Use a pop up email subscription option. This way you capture interested visitors’ email IDs and build a dedicated readership as well.

Blogs can be popularized using email marketing techniques. Leads tracked from blog URLs can be scored using a suitable lead scoring model and be converted to sales-ready leads for lead nurturing.

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