Best Practices for Improving Efficiency of B2B Email Marketing Landing Pages


Here are some best practices to improve the efficiency of your B2B email marketing activities.

Form Layout

  • Display your company logo and a screen shot of what you are offering (eBook, whitepaper, etc.)
  • Create aesthetic and simple HTML templates that will immediately capture the readers’ imagination immediately.
  • Use images that depict what is being marketed, to make it easy for the reader to understand the landing page content at a glance.
  • Use colors and design that are in line with your company’s webpage.

Landing Page Content

  • Keep the content relevant and compelling.
  • Make the content look bold and readable.
  • Use simple and powerful language, and avoid ambiguous sentences and phrases.
  • Mention the problem addressed and the solution offered clearly.
  • Highlight the advantages and features of your value proposition and important information such as Webinar date and time, speaker details, synopsis of whitepaper, etc.
  • Customize landing page content to the industry or segment targeted or to a specific business problem or challenge.

Search Engine Optimize

  • Use appropriate keywords and phrases.
  • Highlight keywords searched by website visitor during searches.
  • Don’t force-fit keywords into content.

Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

  • CTAs redirect reader action to form-fills.
  • Place a call-to-action button next to every important statement made in the landing page.
  • Collect minimal information, preferably email address only.
  • Present form-fills for other information gathering but do not make it mandatory.
  • Social sharing
  • Provide social sharing options in landing pages.
  • Be selective about the channels - focus on 5-6 priority channels depending on your business type.
  • Use autoresponders to send timely thank you messages and acknowledgements to readers.
  • Offer new propositions such as free trial or demo along with a thank-you note for continuing the conversation.
  • Display your privacy policy in a prominent place.
  • Display third-party validation – reviews, customer success, comments, etc.
  • Keep your questions to minimum during form entries.
  • Test for bulk email options (they can be used in drip campaigns as well). Make sure your page can survive simultaneous hits from multiple people in one go!


Use marketing automation solutions for creating efficient landing pages for your B2B email marketing program.

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