Align Sales and Marketing with Lead Scoring

Consumers have become very aware today and are in total control of what and when they want to buy. With complete product information online, they can gauge the performance of the product and also check out the competitors rather than making a hasty decision. Thus organizations need to be aware of the consumer dynamics when they market a product.

Traditionally sales and marketing worked in silos and marketing created the list with name, title and organization to be processed to sales. This presented a lot of challenges as follow up of many important leads were missed out not knowing which lead is interested in your product or who your target buyers are.

Today more and more B2B organizations are turning to marketing automation tools to
Streamline their processes and business functions. B2B marketing automation platform provides integrated sales and marketing automation solutions for lead generation with lead scoring being an integral part of lead management.

Qualification of leads is critical to Sales' effectiveness and success. One of marketing's key challenges is to identify leads that provide the best opportunities for the sales team. By combining the two factors i.e. tracking your prospect’s behaviors and web activity, you can determine their level of interest in your product and send truly qualified leads to sales.

Lead scoring is a process of quantifying the value of a lead, based on prospect’s profile, behavior, demographic and likelihood to buy that helps businesses make critical decisions. It helps in driving demand and improving lead nurturing effort and helps marketers see what moves, identify trends, adjust to what works and drop what doesn’t. 

Social media has become a major source for lead scoring as it is seen that maximum interaction happens here and marketers can track and evaluate their responses and participation in social forums. Information on these customers or leads can also be accessed through various other sources also such as trade shows and fairs, online contests, website traffic, etc. sales managers can greatly benefit from this and effectively manage their sales funnel and reduce initial lead generation cost.

Using the right lead scoring tools, with complete information about the website visitor you can determine their identity and quality. This data when accumulated over a period of time and when combined with a company level view, becomes a powerful tool in qualifying leads.

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